Coaching can help you to develop your self-awareness and the skills and knowledge to improve your job performance or personal growth. It is not just for executives and senior managers, everyone can benefit from coaching.

As a coach I won’t ‘tell’ you how to do things, but I will help you to explore new ways of doing things. I can help you to explore and develop goals to improve and succeed, through using listening, questioning and goal setting techniques.

Coaching sessions

Individual coaching sessions can be arranged at a location and time to suit you. The sessions are one-to-one; a coaching session takes up to one and a half hours. You are the best judge to decide how many sessions you need, but a minimum of 4 sessions are recommended. 

Further Information
To discuss how coaching can benefit you; please
email, text or phone us - details on the 'Contact us' page.

  • Do you enjoy work?
  • Do you have problems at work?
  • Do you have confidence issues?
  • Do you understand what you want out of life?
  • How well do you deal with change (both at home and at work)?

The list of questions can be endless and is as unique as you are; it is up to you which areas of your life that you want to look at in the coaching sessions.


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