Good overall wellbeing is vital for all areas of your life; whether at work or at home. Using a range of Positive Psychology tools in our coaching sessions can help you to thrive and flourish. 

What is Positive Psychology

The Positive Psychology movement began around 1998; is the science behind what makes us flourish and thrive. The main difference it has from other branches of psychology, is that it looks at what is 'right' with us opposed to what is 'wrong'; it looks at our strengths first before our weaknesses. It focuses on 'you at your best'. 

Whilst the focus is on the positive, positive psychology does not shy away from negative emotions and problems as natural and important aspects of life.  

Individual coaching sessions
The sessions are one-to-one; a coaching session takes up to one and half hours. You are the best judge to decide how many sessions you need, but a minimum of 4 sessions are recommended. The programme is tailored to your specific needs and you work at your own pace.  Please contact us for more information. 

Are you happy and content?

  • Do you enjoy life and have curiosity to explore new things?
  • Can you bounce back from life’s setbacks particularly when times are more difficult than normal?
  • Are you missing your wellbeing?

A better you... a better life

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