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Organisational Development is a systematic approach directed towards increasing individual and organisational effectiveness. At it's heart, it aims to improve how individuals, teams and ultimately the whole organisation works. The role of the Organisational Development practitioner is, not only, to support individuals and teams to make improvements, but to also make the improvements sustainable. 

We use a range of data gathering and psychometric tools and techniques, to help people, teams and organisations to reach their ​potential. People get to know themselves better; and teams are supported to  get to know each other, build trust, boost morale and break down communication barriers. 


What makes our training unique? We not only train ‘skills’ we also help people to explore the blocks that may be stopping them from putting the training into place. We do this using techniques from coaching to help people set goals to make lasting changes. This helps to make our training ‘stick’ – and the results are more apparent and long lasting. 

We offer a range of bespoke training programmes and workshops, including:

  • wellbeing at work
  • change management
  • performance management
  • core values development
  • equality, diversity and inclusion
  • employability 

We can also offer practical help to identify learning needs, undertake training needs analysis, planning learning and development programmes, managing the learning and development function through outsourcing contracts, and delivery of in-house learning and development programmes or events.


​​​Training and Development

Organisational Development