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Workplace Mediation

  • "Lorna provided a calm and safe environment for mediation; this helped me to open up and be honest about the situation"
  • "I wouldn't have gone through with mediation, but Lorna was very professional and helped me to understand the process from start to finish. I felt very safe with her"
  • "It was good to be able to express my thoughts about the issues in a safe environment. It was cathartic whatever happens moving forward"
  • "The structure of the session worked, it helped to keep things moving and I feel set a good tone for the discussions"
  • "Overall very positive experience, developmental and supportive and I have learned a lot about myself and my colleague"
  • "I really liked Lorna's style and found her facilitation skills very good.  Mediation was something that I engaged in as opposed to something ‘being done to me’"


Wellbeing at Work 

  • ​"I can now refocus on what I need to do to improve my working life for both myself and colleagues"
  • "I can recognise the importance of good communication and recognising negative thoughts"
  • "A very enjoyable morning, made me realise how resilient I am and a lot of feelings are not real (irrational thoughts)"
  • "I feel in a better place to tackle challenges in a more positive way"​
  • "I have a better understanding of emotional aspects of dealing with change and what influences our thinking – also how to change way of thinking"
  • ​​I have learnt more about myself; more about my colleagues; and how to be aware of negative thoughts"
    "It was very informative and left me with a lot to think about"