Conflict can be settled by mediation, which is a quick and cost effective way to way of resolving disputes between two people. The role of the mediator is to help people reach a solution to their problem and to arrive at an outcome that they are happy to accept, which will help to improve their future working relationship. 

Conflict management

Conflict can also be resolved with conflict resolution workshops, which work well for groups of people.

The purpose of the workshops is to allow the group to discuss solutions to the conflict; and arrive at an agreed outcome that the group are happy to accept. The workshop approach will help to improve the groups future working relationships. 

Further information

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Disagreements... Tension... Quarrels... Arguments. Are these happening in your workplace? 

Conflict at work can stem from a simple disagreement between people -  it can easily spiral out of control and quickly start to impact on the whole team.

Conflict at work take many forms; disagreements, differences of opinion and conflicting perspectives on key issues. 

If it is ignored, conflict can escalate or spread to affect others. Conflict can get in the way of work and make your business less productive. 

Dealing  with conflict at an early stage will save time, money, and resources. Prompt action will help prevent increases in stress levels; and can stop the situation developing into a full-blown dispute.

Mediation & Conflict Management

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